Caron was born shiny. Life seemed to just happen easily for her. If ever in trouble as a young child she would turn a huge grin up at you with arms wide open while saying I LOVE YOU. 


She knew at a very young age that her job in life was to be as happy as she can be and that would help heal the world. This spark of knowing fuelled all her decisions throughout her life, from leaving beautiful PEI, Canada to explore this magnificent world at nineteen, to opening her very successful food truck The Chip Shack

She always follows her heart, knowing life is supposed to be fun and easy.

THE ACHACHA EXPERIENCE was born out of this same knowing. She finally created something that will be feasible to get this message out to the masses. This in turn brings even more joy to her life. That spark as a child is now a full raging ???

She is always looking forward to the next adventure. Hoping to see you there on the way.




Patti's journey to the sparkly path of her magical life led her through education in journalism, screen writing, and behind the chair as a master hair stylist with her own successful salon. Teaching and performing all-female improv while creating in every way she possibly could, Patti's need for outlet to awesome would not be denied.

The siren call of her true love and passion, writing, led her to leap, to sell everything and trust her heart. Eight and a half years later, she is a full-time author with over 100 titles in publication, living her dream with her two pugs, six cats, and Gypsy Vanner gelding, Fynn.

As a passionate proponent of feeling good, Patti pursues her shiny through dancing with Caron (her sister and best friend) on weekends, loving herself, and leaping into intuition with utter abandon.


Caron Prins and Patti Larsen are sisters—not just by blood, but by soul, connected energetically and through their mutual love of being happy.

During a trip to New York City in the spring of 2018, the sisters came to understand the world needed their particular form of sparkly, spreading their feel good everywhere they went. But how to make their dream a reality? How could they expand to embrace every soul needing love and adoration? Caron's free hugs were a staple at her business, and Patti did her best to share her own unique message in her books to her adoring readers, but there was always a sense they could do more. Do bigger.

It wasn't until that summer the true nature of their calling came into light. In a moment of utter mutual love and spontaneous admiration, at a hug and praise fest held outside Caron's delicious Chip Shack in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, the sisters unleashed a wave of awesome that rippled out to those waiting for the Queen of Fries to serve them. When her customers demanded their own slice of feel good along with their yummy noms, Caron had an epiphany.



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